Prosoft-Systems to Equip the First Digital Substation in Tatarstan

11 July 2019

Prosoft-Systems engineering company is implementing the automation system for the 110 kV Portovaya substation (Grid Company OJSC). It is the first digital power facility in the Republic of Tatarstan to date.

The 110 kV Portovaya substation meets the highest requirements for the construction of digital substations. Relay protection and automation microprocessor terminals and process automation systems provide advanced automation, with over two hundred fundamentally new smart devices installed at the 6 kV and 110 kV closed switchgears.

The substation automation system was based on Prosoft-Systems’ programmable hardware/software products. ARIS connection controllers were used as the lower-level devices. They receive telesignals in the form of GOOSE messages from discrete signal converters and manage the 110 kV switching devices.

ARIS-2808 communication controllers were installed at the middle level. With these, information is collected from all the substation’s digital devices (microprocessor devices providing relay protection and automation, emergency control, and connection controllers). After that, the controllers generate the remote data for the needs of the substation’s operational personnel and send it to external dispatch centers and the Tatarstan Regional Dispatching Unit.

The ARIS SCADA software archives the substation’s volumes of information, organizes the automated work places for the dispatcher and process automation engineers, and implements the relay protection and automation systems. In addition, the substation is equipped with Prosoft-Systems’ Digital Normalizing Device-3.2 digital analog signal converters (AMU) for 110 kV connections.

Data exchange between process automation systems, relay protection and automation systems, and other smart devices is performed digitally according to IEC 61850 protocol. Thus, introducing modern equipment that ensures the transmission of information via digital communication channels has made it possible to eliminate the need to lay kilometers-worth of cable routes.

Among the digital substation’s other advantages is the simplification of the power facility’s operation and the introduction of a diagnostic and monitoring system, which displays all necessary information in real time on the automated work places of the personnel on duty. This allows them to monitor the operation of the substation’s core equipment and quickly prevent failures.

This text was prepared using material from Grid Company OJSC.

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