Prosoft-Systems Helps Develop Primorsky Energy Ring Facilities

24 September 2019

Prosoft-Systems has equipped the facilities in the Primorsky energy ring with emergency control and power communication equipment. Specifically, the company’s specialists performed the setup for the emergency control system at key substations in the Far East region, the Vladivostok 500 kV and the Dalnevostochnaya 500 kV substations. SIPS schemes and AVANT K400 transceivers were also installed at the facilities as part of the construction of the Prompark 220 kV substation and a 30-kilometer power line.

The Prompark 220 kV substation, launched in September 2019, will provide power to the residents in the Nadezhdinskaya advanced development zone (ADZ). Transformers at the new power facility have a capacity of 126 MVA. To ensure that facility operates reliably, Prosoft-Systems specialists have installed and commissioned special integrity protection schemes (SIPS) with under frequency load shedding, special load shedding automatics, and secondary voltage circuit monitoring capabilities.

In addition, they also installed AVANT K400 emergency control signal transceivers on the power lines connecting the Prompark substation with one of the energy ring’s primary power supply centers, the Vladivostok 500 kV substation. The transceivers were integrated into the substation automation systems at the energy ring facilities as per the IEC 60870-5-104 standard.

As part of the reconstruction of the Vladivostok 500 kV substation, which was retrofitted to meet the needs of the ADZ’s residents, Prosoft-Systems specialists updated the hardware and software package for the emergency control data acquisition and transmission system. This comprehensive project included adjusting the communication equipment and ECOM controllers to transmit data via the primary and backup communication channels, as well as configuring the ARIS SCADA workstation software.

Thanks to the advancements in generation capacities and stable power supply to consumers, these types of industrial projects are actively being realized for the residents of the advanced development zone and the free port of Vladivostok, ensuring the economic growth in the Far East.

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