PJSC Rosseti Partner Days Addresses Issues of Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector

29 April 2019

Prosoft-Systems has taken part in PJSC Rosseti's Partner Days, which was held at the national power operator's headquarters from April 15 to 17. Representatives from Prosoft-Systems discussed issues of digital transformation in the industry with Andrey Mayorov, Deputy General Director and Chief Engineer of Rosseti, and demonstrated the capabilities of manufactured equipment in effectively managing power networks.

These Partner Days for Russian and foreign electrical product manufacturers and suppliers were held as part of the International Forum "Electrical Networks 2019", which brought together more than 40 Rosseti partner companies. The purpose behind the event was to seek competitive ideas, discover innovative products and technologies to use in future implementation at Rosseti facilities, and strengthen the business ties among equipment manufacturers. 

An exposition was organized to demonstrate the digital solutions. Andrey Mayorov familiarized himself with samples of key instruments and devices. Also as part of the program for Partner Days, the national operator's leaders answered questions from manufacturers and discussed the company's technical requirements for its latest information systems, software, communication devices and cyber security systems.


Prosoft-Systems presented its latest digital solutions for equipping digital substations and implementing Smart Grid projects:

  • The ARIS 2808 multifunctional controller for automating 110-0.4 kV substations, with the functionality to build systems for Smart Grids, substation automation, data acquisition and transmission, telecontrol, smart commercial electricity metering, automated energy resources technical record keeping, and automated control for power-generating facilities.
  • The ARIS 2308 6-35 kV modular relay protection and automation terminal, which combines the functions of all secondary devices for 6-35 kV connections. It was designed in accordance with IEC 61850 for use in digital substations, Smart Grid systems, process automation systems, smart commercial electricity-metering systems, and more.
  • The MKPA-RP emergency control and relay protection set, a piece of equipment with flexible logic designed to implement 110-220 kV protection and automation functions, as well as emergency control automation for the 110-750 kV voltage class.
  • The ARIS EM45 digital multifunctional electric meter, used for measuring and multi-tariff metering of active and reactive electric energy. It receives measurement data in accordance with IEC 61850-9-2LE.
  • The RES-3-61850 substation digital fault recorder, which measures both the electric power mode and network traffic, allowing operators to monitor all equipment at the digital substation. 

Prosoft-Systems' general director, Aleksandr Rasputin, notes,

Распутин"Our reliable, efficient equipment allows us to solve complex problems in automating power networks of any voltage class. Smart Grid system implementation has increased the network observability. Now, we can detect damaged areas and restore power supply in a matter of seconds. And developments for digital substations help integrate all the process equipment into a single digital space, managing facilities safely and efficiently. Our own production base and many years of experience in implementing automation systems gives our company the ability to implement projects of any complexity within the framework of the PJSC Rosseti's technical policy. This, in turn, opens up great opportunities to improve the quality of power supply to residential and industrial consumers."

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