Gas Enterprise Automation Systems to Be Presented to Industry Leaders at SPIGF 2019

17 September 2019

Prosoft-Systems will be taking part in one of the largest special events for the oil and gas industry, the 9th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum. The company’s specialists will present advanced automation solutions, including a series of devices and software for building fault-tolerant automated process control systems at production facilities, to the professional community during the event.

SPIGF 2019 will take place October 1–4, 2019, at the Expoforum congress center in Saint Petersburg. As per tradition, the Forum will be built on the principles of the free exchange of ideas between key players in the global oil and gas market.

Prosoft-Systems Ltd. will have a stand in pavilion F, stand F8 at the Expoforum, where the company will showcase its latest developments.

Process automation at gas industry facilities:

  • REGUL RX00 family of programmable logic controllers for building critical fault-tolerant systems, local process automation systems and telecontrol systems
  • REGUL R100 programmable logic controller, which combines the functions of peripheral and programmable controller equipment
  • REGUL R500S programmable logic controller for emergency shutdown systems
  • AlfaRegul hardware and software package for equipping major production facilities
  • Epsilon LD software for operating with REGUL controllers
  • Examples of process automation systems built using REGUL PLCs

Power supply automation for gas enterprises:

  • ARIS 28xx/42xx/4810 multifunctional controllers and ECOM-3000/ECOM31xx for creating systems for smart electricity-metering, telecontrol, automated energy resource technical record-keeping, and automated control for power-generating facilities
  • NEW! 6–35 kV ARIS-2305/2308 multifunctional terminal for automated control systems for power-generating facilities, relay protection and automation
  • NEW! Redkit software package, a new-gen system for automating power and production facilities
  • Energosfera 8.1 software package, capable of visualizing the energy consumption for every process in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, electricity generation and distribution, gas distribution and other industries

Integrated solutions for digital substations:

  • NEW! ARIS-EM45 multifunctional digital electric meter
  • ARIS 4208/4214 digital merging unit
  • NEW! RES-3-61850 digital substation fault recorder
  • ISS-2.3 time synchronization device
  • UNC 3.4 digital normalization device
  • PADS M-1 analogue and digital merging unit

Visitors may attend SPIGF 2019 by registering prior to the event.

To get your e-ticket, please fill out the form at the SPIGF website at

The e-ticket will be sent to the given email address. You may show it on your mobile device and use it at the reception desk to receive a badge, which will give you permission to attend the selected events.

Read more about participation conditions for the SPIGF 2019 congress program here:

SPIGF 2019 dates and times:

October 1–4, 2019

10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.

EXPOFORUM, pavilions F, G, H, congress center, 64/1 Peterburgskoye Highway, Saint Petersburg

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