Automation system for the New Great Silk road

23 December 2016

Engineers of the company “Prosoft-Systemy” have put into commercial operation the system of Automated Process Control System (APCS) and integrated Automated Electric Power Accounting Data Systems for Commercial and Technical Purposes (AEPA CP / AEPA TP) onto traction substations “Temiryoolobod” and “Orzu” in the Republic of Uzbekistan. New power facilities will ensure reliable power supply of electrified railways “Angren – Pap” as important international transit passage from China to Europe.

The system of APCS is based on soft- and hardware complex ARIS. Its constituent controllers ARIS C303 perform remote control functions, remote signaling of switching devices position, operation blocking and telemetry of the equipment electrical parameters onto 110 and 220 kW connections. Monitoring and control of 27.5 and 10 kW cells are fulfilled by the controllers ARIS C304/C305. Live view information units are provided (supplied) with display and keyboard (ИЧМ) set onto front of the cell. ARIS C304/C305 controllers also used for the purposes of electric power technical accounting, thus, optimizing costs at equipment purchase, adjustment and commissioning. ARIS CS-M is used as station controller in the redundant version. The upper level of the system APCS is provided (supplied) with program complex ARIS-SCADA.

The central controller of the system AEPA CP is Data Collection and Transmission Device (DCTD) ECOM-3000. To transfer the data, the net GSM/GPRS is used with the communicator PGC.02. The soft “Energosphera” is set to provide commercial and technical control of electrical power. All mentioned equipment and soft are developed and manufactured by the company “Prosoft-Systemy” Ltd.

High-quality and uninterrupted (smooth) power supply for the electrified railways “Angren-Pap”, constructed in complicated conditions of mountains, plays significant role for the economical development of all Uzbekistan. New railway line, running at the height of 2200 m above sea level, will become a part of new Great Silk Way, thus, sufficiently reduce the length of the transport passage China – Central Asia – Europe. 

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