In addition to the ECAPS solution, we have developed the EOTM-REGUL automatic electronic safety device for turbines as a separate triplex EDS system.

This automatic electronic safety device is designed to protect turbines against reaching critical rpm levels when the electrical load is dropped.

The EOTM-REGUL measures the rotation frequency and compares it with an emergency setpoint, and when a critical speed is achieved, it sends a digital signal to stop the turbine while taking into account its acceleration. That is, if there is acceleration, the EOTM-REGUL recalculates and reduces the setpoint so that the rpms don’t overshoot the critical value.

Equipment configuration

This device has DA 03 011 (DA 01 011) modules at its core. To activate overspeed protection is started a specialized program. The device has three such modules, and each is connected to one or two frequency sensors. The power is supplied to the modules and sensors from separate external power sources. Discrete signals are joined together in the external majority circuit according to the 2-out-of-3 principle.

To perform safety checks on a shut-down turbine, the DA 03 011 module has a built-in frequency generator that connects in place of the sensor during tests and supplies a preset frequency, taking into account the acceleration set for the measurement route’s input.

The CPU module in this system serves only to perform diagnostics and generate tasks for the tests.

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