Rapidly and continuously changing technological processes require reliable high-speed systems with an emergency shutdown (ESD) function.

The ECAPS is such a system, with 100% redundancy of the controller equipment. This system will automatically control a steam turbine in terms of its active power, live steam pressure, turbine control-valve position, power grid frequency, and device signals of the modular, general, and power-grid levels in both the normal and emergency operating modes of the power unit and power grid.

It can be used with any kind of steam turbine for the purpose of ensuring the power unit’s participation in the primary and secondary control of the frequency and power. The suite ensures the redundancy of the controller, the measurement equipment, and the management equipment and constantly runs diagnostics on the state of both the individual elements and the control circuits of the actuators.

Solution components *

  • Control cabinet based on PLC REGUL R600 (R500)
  • Power cabinet
  • Drive-control cabinet(s)
  • Operator workstation(s)
  • A set of sensors and actuators

* The equipment’s configuration varies depending on the details of the specific project.

Main functions

  • Power and live-steam pressure control that is adjustable according to the power grid’s frequency (workstation)
  • Adjustment of live-steam pressure before the turbine (pressure control throttle)
  • Protection of the turbine against an inappropriate reduction in steam pressure in units with rated or variable steam pressure
  • Implementation of a control mode with variable live-steam pressure (sliding pressure operation)
  • Control of the turbine’s control valves when the unit’s electrical load is dropped along with its shutdown (relay channel), without disconnecting the generator from the grid
  • Control of the turbine-control and shutoff valves in case of increased frequency and acceleration of the turbine rotor
  • Adjustment of the turbine rotation speed
  • Short-term and long-term protection of the power unit against accidental dropping of the electrical load with the subsequent restoration of power to the original value based on the signals from the emergency automation, according to conditions ensuring the dynamic and static stability (emergency fast-turbine valving control, emergency control channels)

System specifications

  • Deep system diagnostics
  • 100% redundancy (including RTU modules)
  • Generation of control actions in 10 ms
  • Protection against issuing false control signals
  • Archiving in 10-ms, 100-ms, and 1-s intervals
  • Implementation of hot redundancy of control channels for 20 ms
  • Hot-swapping of modules
  • Heavy-duty operating conditions
  • Mean time between failures of at least 100,000 hours

DA 03 011s are specialized triple-channel modules for frequency measurement and input/output. The modules are used to measure the turbine rotation speed in the ECAPS solution and to monitor the position of the actuators, subject to the availability of the corresponding sensors. These modules have built-in software that includes four algorithms to choose from, depending on the outstanding task:

  • 3-channel measurement of frequency in the up-to-10-kHz and up-to-500-kHz ranges
  • Overspeed protection of the turbine
  • Reading of the incremental encoder’s signals
  • Calibration unit control and the reception of signals from flow meters

ECAPS solution for the electrical components of steam turbine control and protection systems

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