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Prosoft-Systems Engineering company has been developing and delivering turnkey solutions in the field of high-tech devices and automa­tion systems for power energy, oil and gas, metallurgical industries and so on since 1995.

Over the years, the company has established itself as a reliable developer of software and hardware for the domestic market. Manufactured products and complex solutions of Prosoft-Systems demonstrate their successful operation at large power energy and industry holding companies of Rus­sian Federation and other foreign countries.

Company structure consists of:

  • Engineering centre
  • Multifunctional fullscale manufacturing facility
  • Accredited testing laboratory, calibration, and electrotechnical laboratory
  • Training centre
  • Branches in Russian Federation and CIS countries
  • Technical support service

Wide range of services makes it possible for the company to fulfil the customers' requirements while working with the unique projects: from designing of a single product to complex service of large-scale serial orders.

The Prosoft-System group of companies also includes OOO NPF «Prosoft-E» and LTd «Prosoft-Biometrics».


Engineering centre

Prosoft-Systems has a high-capacity engineering centre. Currently its staff comprises 650 highly experienced professionals. Over 50% of them design new devices and systems. Due to their knowledge, expe­rience and ambitions every year we have many improvements in produc­tion devices, extension of existing device families and creation of new innovative products.

We have well-organized process of development of devices (and complex solutions based on such). There is confirmed R&D (research and devel­opment) plan for every department of our company. According to this plan we have 3-4 projects that are processed at the same time. Our com­pany release up to 10 new devices every year.

Our company cooperates with state institutes of higher education and carries out research projects in collaboration with scientists from power energy institutes.

Open technology and standards

During its activity Prosoft-Systems takes into account different open international standards and technologies and tries to deliver reliable in­novative solutions in compliance with worldwide requirements.

Prosoft-Systems has an international expert status in the field of power energy and automation systems. Also the company is a member of workgroups and research committees of authoritative international organizations, such as:

  • OPC Foundation
  • UCA International Users Group
  • EtherCAT Technology Group

This fact allows the company not only having a dialog and support from mutually advantageous cooperation with foreign expert organiza­tions but also taking part in development of worldwide standards.



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